Commuting during the COVID-19 pandemic

Michael James


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for many people to re-think their approach to commuting. While the government has been busy focusing on encouraging people to use public transport more, the pandemic questions whether this is the safest approach.

After all, the problem with public transport is that there are a lot of people in a poorly ventilated space. This invites the spread of many different types of disease, including COVID-19.


Commuting during the COVID-19 pandemic requires re-thinking the best approach.
Commuting during the COVID-19 pandemic requires re-thinking the best approach.

Add the fact that a minority of people are refusing to wear masks and you could find yourself on public transport with someone not wearing a mask, despite the fact that it’s recognized as a valid level of protection.

Your dilemma is then whether to put up with it and take the risk, get off the public transport, or perhaps confront the person. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will get them to put a mask on, and could even evolve into a violent struggle.

Fortunately, you have other options when commuting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commuting By Car

Your car is potentially the safest way of commuting to and from. It’s always been the most convenient option but it now offers control over your passengers and the environment you are in. You’ll know that others in the car are COVID-19 free or can insist on mask-wearing.

Of course, the downside to the car is generally the cost of parking. In some Australian cities, it can be as much as $80 per day. That’s a significant sum out of your daily earnings. The good news is that there is a solution to this.

Simply check out parking Melbourne or the equivalent in your city, and you’ll find private individuals offering their own parking space for you to use. It will still cost you but it’s significantly less than the commercial parking options.

You can even choose a location for its security or closeness to your work, making the car the most convenient option for most commuters.


A good alternative is to use a motorcycle or pushbike. A motorcycle is much cheaper to run than a car and you’ll find parking is much easier to locate and significantly cheaper. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with the helmet ruining your hairstyle.

The second option, if you are close enough, is to use a bicycle. This is a great way to add some exercise into your day and complete the commute without the risk of sharing infected airspace. You will need to consider how close you are to work as to whether this is a viable option.


If you’re close enough to walk to work then you’re lucky and should already be walking. It’s better for you and eliminates the issue of being in a confined space with strangers. You’ll also find t can be pleasant and a great way to clear your head.

The COVID-19 pandemic will pass and, where possible, you should currently be working from home. But, the above tactics are worth adopting even after the pandemic, they’ll help to make your commute and your day more pleasant.



Article Last Updated: December 21, 2020.

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