4 Ways To Challenge Your Car Knowledge

Michael James

Studying in diferent ways cam prove increased car knowledge


If anything defines someone who loves cars and car knowledge, it’s adventure, appreciation for beauty and craftsmanship, and a willingness to try new things.

Getting behind the wheel and enjoying a long road trip is good for the mind and spirit. It can also be that learning all you can about cars is the work of a lifetime. It’s enjoyment and provides long-term containment.

Studying in diferent ways cam prove increased car knowledge
Studying in different ways can improve car knowledge.

Of course, challenging yourself can also be exhilarating, particularly if you think you already know everything about cars.

Car Knowledge Challenge

But how can you challenge what you think you know about cars and become further informed? Curiosity is a good starting point, and here are four areas in which to start:

Read Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

In the automotive spectrum, it’s good to read outside of your comfort zone. You might not have in a large people carrier SUV or a 4×4. But reading a few car reviews can help you understand more of why the segment is popular and well as its advancing technology and innovation.

A new perspective on a new, unfamiliar vehicle may be of help when you’re looking to purchase a vehicle. With an expanded overall knowledge of vehicles, a new segment or new topic like classic car restoration or racing, selecting the right vehicle might occur quickly and advance yoru industry knowledge.

Watch Sports

Watching sports may not be of interest and perhaps you see it as a waste of time. But if you have a slight interest in cars, watching automotive sports can foster additional knowledge of automotive ingenuity, handling and sportsmanship.

It doesn’t matter if you like rally championships, gymkhana trick stunts or if Formula 1 is being broadcast, it’s beneficial to learn about the drivers, their teams and sponsoring brands. Visit a local track for one day. It’s always good to get out of your comfort zone, and there’s no comfort zone on a racetrack.

Read Into History

Cars are beautiful and historically still quite new. We have the ability to track and document their history — video clips to pictures to first-hand accounts of the people who started brands and made them instantly successful.

You may even see the evolution of certain brands, such as how Rolls-Royce. It has adapted, continually looking for something new for its customers. Cars are machines to experience. Learning about automotive, books to video to text can be beneficial.

Play Video Games

Simulated driving on videos is a good automotive learning tool. From Madalin Stunt Cars 3 to Forza Horizon 4, car racing had become less about gratuitous action and more about the love of car beauty. Videos seek to educate and entertain.

Forza games offer a deep and complex in-game garage. You can read about car histories, upgrade equipment and test them not too dissimilarly to how they really handle. It’s a beneficial way to face a challenge and reap enjoyment.

Watching videos to sporting events and reading history and learning about vehicles outside your immediate interest are valuable ways to challenge what you think you know about cars.


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Article Last Updated: December 8, 2020.

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