Splurging? How about a motorhome for a $1 million

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Variomobil is now offering a $1 million motorhome.

If you’re in the motorhome market and have at least a million dollars to spend, consider the Perfect 1200 Platinum.

Variomobil’s newest monster motorhome features a massive living space with three electro-hydraulic slide-outs. It has a symphony hall-grade audio system. It has intelligent lighting, top-line appliances. It has zero towing capacity because it can “swallow” a vehicle as large a Mercedes-AMG GT.

Variomobil is now offering a $1 million motorhome.
Variomobil is now offering a $1 million motorhome.

The Perfect 1200 Platinum is manufactured by a family-owned business in Osnabrück, Germany specializing in opulent motorhomes. The new model is 39 feet long and weighs 52,000 pounds.

Available furnishings and equipment include a touchscreen-controlled induction cooktop, 190-L refrigerator, dishwasher, full bathroom with mineral stone sink, LED TV with satellite, Bose audio system, washer/dryer, leather upholstery, real wood veneers, and microprocessor-controlled ambient lighting.

$1 million motorhome

The motorhome cabin sleeps as many as six and includes the option of a pull-down bed that stores above the two or four captain’s chairs in the driver cab.


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The motorhome features an updated self-supporting fiberglass sandwich bodywork construction and structure-enhancing, UV-filtering panoramic windshield design. Ir has an understated neutral color scheme, long countersunk window line and angled facial features.

The three pneumatically sealed slide-outs create a master bedroom at the stern and a stretched living area.n Living-room-grade power recliners serve as driver and front passenger seats, swiveling to join the sofa and side recliner in creating a roomy six-person lounge. It has room for an optional 43-inch screen television.

The Variomobil’s optional “CubeArt” kitchen offers a dual-burner induction cooktop, sink with a modern designer faucet and stacks of drawers with illuminated handles and push-to-open security. Behind the main kitchen block (to the chef’s left) is a standard 195-L Kissmann KT210 compressor fridge topped by an optional oven. A dishwasher and slide-out coffeemaker are optional.

The rear bedroom has a 108-sq-ft floor plan with sleeping for four. The optional drop-down 77 x 51-in bed stores over top the driver area.

Additional standard features include a dual 170-Ah gel battery system, 17,000-W diesel water boiler/cabin heater, 500-L freshwater tank and an LCD command center. The microprocessor-controlled “Platinum” lighting system includes various illumination patterns and dimming capabilities complete with memory function.

Available add-ons and upgrades include Victron lithium batteries, solar charging, back-up generator options, air conditioning, an LED touch panel command center and a washer/dryer. Buyers can also browse through a full multimedia selection that includes the televisions, a Bose sound system, 4G connectivity with onboard Wi-Fi, and Apple TV.

The Perfect 1200 is based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2453 with a 422-hp 10.7-liter turbo-diesel six-cylinder standard, 523-hp 12.8-liter unit (Actros 2553) optional. The Actros features an air suspension and 12 wheels split between its three axles. The self-steering trailing axle improves maneuverability.

Pricing starts at $1,042,450. Options snd upgrades can increase the price to more than $1.7 million. The optional Mercedes-Benz costs and $100,000. Visit: www.vario-mobil.com

Article Last Updated: August 22, 2021.

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