Extreme RVs keep getting more extreme on truck chassis

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Extreme RVs keep getting more extreme with companies like Global Expeditions making RVs on truck chassis.

The Missouri-based company creates its vehicles utilizing several truck manufacturers. Its latest creation is the $650,000 UXV-MAX. It can be constructed on the chassis of a Ford-750.

Global Expedition vehicles taking RVing to a new extreme.
Global Expedition vehicles take extreme RVs to further extremes with the use of truck chassis.

A kitchen, dining area, (king-sized bed) bathroom and are mainstays, just like an RV. But there’s a lot different. A dishwasher, washer and dryer part of an optional upgrade. There’s also a healthy supply of high-end features: custom granite countertops, a sink, single burner induction cooktop, 6.4-cubic foot refrigerator-freezer and a convection microwave oven.

Extreme RVs get further extreme

The UXV-MAX also has 2.36-inch walls for superior insulation and increased security. With its extreme construction, it’s ready and quite able for off-road and off-the-grid excursions.

Global Expedition Vehicles has several overlander trucks that can be created on multiple truck chassis, including the Ford F-550, Dodge 550, and Mercedes-Benz trucks. The 24.5 feet — which can be upgraded to 28.5 feet — UXV-MAX build in particular can also be built on the chassis of crew-cab medium-duty vehicles from International Trucks of Freightliner Trucks, along with the Ford F-750.

While Ford is the high-selling truck manufacturer, Global Expedition Vehicles, doesn’t play favorites. Its latest massive tiny home creation can also be built on crew-cabs medium-duty vehicles from International Trucks to Freightliner Trucks.

Ford F-550, Dodge 550 and Mercedes-Benz trucks are often used to make the company’s varied collection of custom-made expedition vehicles.

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