Shelby Cobra is back as an e-bike to celebrate Ford v Ferrari

James Raia

Two-wheeled Cobra

Just in time for his portrayal in the movie Ford v Ferrari, the iconic Cobra made by automotive legend Carroll Shelby is back — sort of.

Vintage Electric released November 15 a limited edition Two-Wheeled Cobra. It’s an homage to Shelby’s 289 Slabside Cobra in the form of an electric bicycle.

Two-wheeled Cobra
The two-wheeled Cobra e-bike has debuted to honor Carroll Shelby

Designed with the help of Shelby’s grandson Aaron, the bike has a motorcycle-like profile. It’s painted the same metallic blue with black racing stripes as its namesake.

The bike also features hand grips, a matte black fork, retro LED headlamp and leather saddle seat that all reminiscent of the 289 Slabside. And the iconic Cobra logo is also prominent.

Shelby’s powerful cars included the Ford GT40 that beat Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Two-Wheeled Cobra features a 48-volt (1,123 watt-hours) battery and rear hub motor. It has a top speed of 20 mph in street mode or 36 mph with its optional, key-operated race mode.

The Two-Wheeled Cobra can be fully charged in 4.5 hours and has a 75-mile range. It has a straightforward interface and at-your-feet-or-fingertips acceleration and thumb throttle. It also has five power modes and regenerative hydraulic disc brakes.

Vintage Electric’s debut of the e-bike matches the same-day release of Ford v Ferrari. The movie, starring Matt Damon as Shelby and Christian Bale as iconic driver Ken Miles, immortalizes Shelby’s victory at LeMans.

They’re dispatched in the film by actors playing Henry Ford II and the recently deceased Lee Iacocca to humble Ford. They’re assigned to build the Ford GT40, a new race car with the potential to defeat the perennially dominant Ferrari. Shelby and Miles also tackle corporate interference, the laws of physics and personal demons to make a revolutionary race car.

The Two-Wheeled Cobra is priced at $7,249. The key-operated race mode costs an extra $149.

For additional information, visit: www.vintageelectricbikes.com.

Article Last Updated: November 14, 2019.

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