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#20, Vintage firetruck gets new life as mobile party pub (video)

The Weekly Driver Podcast: Kevin Mullan, owner of a vintag firetruck converted into a mobile pub.

Kevin Mullan owns a 1987 E-One first pumper. It’s a fascinating vintage firetruck. And he’s made it further intriguing by converting it to a mobile pub.

Mullan, 38, of Toledo, Ohio, purchased the truck, had a walk-in cooler with 10 beer taps installed, and named the business-on-wheels Ladder 419 beer truck. The name is a nod to the city’s area code.

Kevin Mullan, owner of a vintag firetruck converted into a mobile pub.
Kevin Mullan, owner of vintag firetruck converted into a mobile pub.

As co-hosts of The Weekly Driver Podcast, Bruce Aldrich and I are now bonafide members of the Mullan’s fan club. He’s our guest on Episode #92 of our weekly discussion of all things automotive.

The beer truck, which debuted in late June in Blissfield, Michigan, is unique. Its walk-in cooler was installed after the 1,500-gallon water tank was removed. There’s room for onboard C02 and a capacity for 15 kegs. Beer seems like the best choice. But the taps can be used for wine, soft drinks or coffee.

During the podcast, Mullan details his ownership trials, tribulations, alcohol licensing, experiences with the new business and the vast potential for his mobile beverage operation.

The firetruck, Mullan explains, was purchased at a surprisingly reasonable price in Leonidas Township in Michigan.

It looks, according to its new owner, like what might be expected — an old firetruck. Levers and hookups are still intact, as are the words “Emergency 911.”

Rental for Ladder 419 is $450 for four hours. Additional details are available on the company’s website,


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