Roberts Paint Care helping owners for nearly 60 years

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Roberts Paint Care


Roberts Paint Care has thrived for nearly 60 years as a family-owned business that provides quality merchandise, vast experience and impeccable service. Its constant goal is to assist its customers in acquiring the information and products needed to restore the original looks of their vehicles.

Established in 1961, Roberts Paint Care, based in Quebec, Canada, quickly became a leader in the automotive refinishing industry focusing on auto body shops and car dealerships. But as the company expanded, it adapted to the ever-changing industry and increasing demands.

Roberts Paint Care
Roberts Paint Care has been helping clients restore their cars’ paint jobs for nearly 60 years.

In 1990, the company again expanded as further needs arrived in manufacturing, construction and maintenance industries. And a decade ago, additional expansion brought the company into the consumer retail realm.

In the retail arena, Roberts Paint Care uses the same high-quality products it utilizes when working with industrial and commercial industries. The company uses Sherwin-Williams high quality products to prepare its touch-up paint orders prepared in consumer-friendly packaging and at competitive prices.

Using its experience, the company uses samples provided by clients to duplicate exact colors and gloss. The paint provided in the process is available in aerosol or liquid form and for application by gun or brush.

Roberts Paint Care has an expansive products catalog encompassing abrasives, glues, masking products, paints and clearcoats, primers, putties, tools and various accessories.

The company’s website ( has a variety of tools for customers’ convenience. Click on the Quick Paint Finders icon and it’s easy to determine the proper color. Type in the year, make and model and within seconds the colors of the cars are presents.

Roberts Paint Care also assists commercial, industrial and retail customers with a 27-point DIY section on its website. It ranges from preparation to application and the drying processes to touch-up recommendations. A variety of additional recommendations are also detailed for DIY best practices.

The company’s website also has numerous self-help, how-to videos to assist clients. Topics include: repairing rust spots and perforations as well as fixing deep scratches and cracked bumpers.

As a one-stop online shop for all things in the vehicle restoration industry, please visit:

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