#88, Moving a space shuttle, other big stuff on roads

James Raia

Moving the endeavor space ship

If you want to transport the Endeavor Space Shuttle or a similarly large object, there’s a good chance Commercial Truck Trader will be involved.

The Virginia-based company rents vehicles of all shapes and sizes, particularly when the task involves moving something on the road that requires special needs.

Moving the endeavor space ship
Moving The Endeavor Space Shuttle was challenge met by Commercial Truck and Equipment Trader.

Amanda Ayala, vice president Commercial Truck & Equipment Trader, is our guest in Episode 88 of The Weekly Driver Podcast. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia interview Ayala and examine what’s involved moving the famous shuttle.

It’s only 12 miles from the Los Angles International Airport to the California Science Center. But as Ayala explained, the move required the uses of six freeway lanes. The moving crew was also required to trim trees as the move progressed.

Ayala, whose father owned a trucking company, provides insight into how Commercial Truck Trader makes recommendations to companies for their moving needs.

In addition to the Endeavor, Commercial Truck Trader has been involved in transporting projects from moving 340-ton boulders to wind turbine blades and a power station transformer to a custom-built trailer with 192 wheels.

Ayala fills us in on all of the details of the company’s massive projects in a wide-ranging episode.

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Article Last Updated: June 5, 2019.

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