#61, LA Auto Show, Day 1: Byton concept, new Airstream

James Raia

The Byton has a 49-inch touchscreen interface.

Welcome to our special podcast episodes from AutoMobility LA and the Los Angeles Auto Show.

For the past few years, AutoMobility LA has showcased the ever-advancing technology in the automotive world. Our first episode is direct from the technology tent on the eve of the opening day of the traditional show.

The Byton has a 49-inch touchscreen interface.
The Byton concept SUV has a 49-inch touchscreen interface. Image © James Raia/2018

Co-host Bruce Aldrich is producing the show remotely, but James Raia (that’s me) will be reporting live from the showroom floor for three days. We’ll start with two diverse guests, Florian Bauer from the concept electric vehicle Byton and Jeremy Levi, a sales consultant for Airstream.

Bauer is director of product management for Byton. It’s considered a pending top competitor for Tesla and it’s about year from its debut in China, where its financial backing is located.

If Byton’s future advances as planned, the M-Byte crossover and E-Byte sedan will debut to the American public via its U.S. base in Santa Clara, California in June 2020.

Bauer and I discuss the unique Byton features. With an advertised base price of $45,000, the Byton is marketed for drivers and passenger to operate the vehicle or controls some of its features with Amazon Alexa voice commands or hand gestures.

The command operation is a touchscreen that extends the entire length of the dash. It’s 49 inches long and 10 inches high. The seats in the spacious SUV swivel so passengers can face each other.

Levi discusses the new fully connected Airstream Classic. With all-new Smart Control Technology, the Airstream Classic’s most important features and amenities can be monitored and controlled from anywhere. Travelers can stay connected to the comforts of home, even when far from it.

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Article Last Updated: November 28, 2018.

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