Jerry Seinfeld honors Jerry Lewis in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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Two famous comedians named Jerry driving in a vintage convertible with its top down to an omelet shop in Las Vegas? Is there a better way to begin the 10th season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee than with Jerry Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld?

Jerry Seinfeld didn’t think so. His guest in the first episode of the new season and as the show transitions from Crackle to Netflix, is deceased comedian Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis is the first guest of Jerry Seinfeld in the opening episode of the 10h season of Comedians in cars Getting Coffee.
Jerry Lewis is the first guest of Jerry Seinfeld in the opening episode of the 10h season of Comedians in cars Getting Coffee. The 20-minute episode marks the debut of the program on Netflix.

The debut show was taped last year. It provides a poignant 20-minute homage to Lewis, who died on August 20, 2017, from heart failure at age 91.

In the video preview to opener, which will debut on Netflix on July 6, Seinfeld and Lewis visit the Omelet House for brunch. Seinfeld orders coffee with his eggs; Lewis abstains from coffee but orders three eggs.

Lewis also keeps comedic pace with the host. Often called the King of Comedy, Lewis orders and then asked the waitress her name. When the waitress responds, Lewis says, “Valerie? That was my father’s name!”

The new season of Seinfeld’s digital series also features appearances by Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Chappelle, Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Dana Carvey, John Mulaney, Hasan Minhaj, Zach Galifianakis, Neal Brennan and Brian Regan.

The previous nine seasons and 59 episodes of Comedians in Cars are currently streaming on Netflix. Previous guests included Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and former President Barack Obama.

In addition to a preview of the opening episode and promotional video of the program features Matthew Broderick and Seinfeld in a black-and-white clip styled like an old classic car commercial.

Seinfeld quips: “Practically everyone is coming out with brand new, even longer, more complicated shows. Don’t you have enough to keep track of?” asks a voiceover before Seinfeld continues, “Without trying to remember: Who’s a wizard? Who’s a machine? Who’s a zombie? Our average episode is only 14 minutes long. … We think one car, two comedians and some coffee is plenty.”

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