Honda Odyssey woes return with second massive recall

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Honda Odyssey woes return with second massive recall

Michael James

The Honda Odyssey is mainstay on the American-made Index announced recently by

The Honda Odyssey is among the most versatile vehicles in the automotive industry. Now, about 800,000 units of the popular mini-van in the United States dating to 2011 are being recalled because of a second-row seating issue

The voluntary recall covers Odysseys from 2011-17 model years. The issue: A release lever for repositioning the outer second-row seats may not latch properly, causing the seats to slide forward or backward without warning.

The 2016 Honda Odyssey has automatic sliding side doors.
The 2016 Honda Odyssey is part of the second massive recall of the popular minivan in the past two years. Image © James Raia/2016.

The company will notify owners of affected minivans. Dealers will install additional brackets and springs to resolve the problem for free. Customers can call Honda customer service at 1-888-234-2138 for additional information.

In the meantime, the company also has posted instructions for properly latching the second-row seats.

Honda said it was trying to educate owners on how to properly latch the seats until it can develop an approved repair.

Honda posted a detailed instruction sheet and planned to add an instructional video.

“If a second-row seat is not properly latched after adjusting it side-to-side or reinstalling a removed seat, the seat may tip forward during moderate to heavy braking, increasing the risk of injury to an occupant,” the statement read. “This issue will not occur if a seat is properly latched.”

The company said it had received 46 reports of minor injuries related to the seats. It will begin notifying owners of the recall by mail in late December.

A stop sale order was also issued again the Honda Odyssey in 2016 for two separate issues. The recall affected 641,302 vehicles built between Aug. 17, 2010, and Oct. 24, 2016.

The majority of the recall, covering 633,753 minivans built between Aug. 17, 2010, and Oct. 1, 2015, involves a faulty seat mechanism.

In a statement, the automaker said one of the recalls involves a mechanism that “allows the outboard second-row seats to tilt and slide forward for access to the third row seating area may not properly lock the seat into place when the seat is returned to its normal position,” which increases the risk of injury to passengers seated in the second row.

From 2011 through 2016, Honda sold an average of  about 125,000 Odyssey models per year.

Article Last Updated: November 19, 2017.

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