Episode 10, RV travel defines open-road freedom

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Once an industry dominated by retirees and fair-weather travelers, the recreational vehicle lifestyle is surging in popularity — particularly for younger vacationers.

Last year, 430,000 recreational vehicles of all kinds were sold, according to the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

That total represented a 15 percent increase in sales from 2016, and it continued a several-year upward trend. Lower credit rates and lower gas prices are among the reasons for the increase in the travel option.

RV travel is increasingly popular. Images © Bruce Aldrich.
RV travel is increasingly popular. Images © Bruce Aldrich.

The advancement in technology — smartphones, to 4G data connections — also represents another major reason for RV’s lifestyle boon, particularly among younger travelers.

In fact, more than half of RV buyers in 2016 were younger than age 45, according to RVIA.

Bruce Aldrich and his wife Alene spent 17 days on an RV vacation.
Bruce Aldrich and his wife Alene spent 17 days on an RV vacation.

In Episode #10 of The Weekly Driver podcast, Bruce discusses the trip and what he and his wife learned during their second RV vacation.

What did Bruce and Alene discover on their more than 2,000-mile journey across several states? Where did they stay? Did they always have reservations or did just decide each day to travel carefree and stop serendipitously?

How was the weather and did it present any problems? How did driving a 27-foot RV differ from driving a passenger vehicle? How did the economics of the trip compare to flying and stay in hotels?

Bruce took detailed calculations during the trip, from daily miles traveled to miles per gallon. Where there any surprises along the way? What were the campsites like during the trip?

Bruce provides all of the details in Episode 10 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.








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