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    John G.

    James – I understand your complaints and agree, that at $25K it is a lot of money for a small car, with a loud exhaust, and an open top. But if you look at the majority of driving – it is done as you described – around town, in and out of parking lots, and overall short and quick trips here and there. That is the same in the US as well.

    So a new Abarth 500C seems a bit crazy, a used one in the $15 to $16K range makes for a fun car that is different from all of the others out there.

    My oldest drives a 500 Pop from 2012. I have to say, it is one, if not only, new cars that actually makes me smile when I drive it. I am a vintage car guy and it seems that Fiat has put quirky, without being annoying, and fun back into cars.


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