For sale: 340 cars, 5 acres in British Columbia for $1 million

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After 40 years of collecting vintage cars, Mike Hall has had enough. The rock scaler from British Columbia is selling more than 340 cars is various conditions as well as the property where the relics rest.

Hall is the owner of the unique real estate listing. The combination of the five-acre listing includes the cars, a salvage business, storage property and a 900-square-foot stocked restoration shop. The asking price is slightly more than $1 million (converted from Canadian dollars).

Mike Hall of British Columbia is selling more than 340 cars and five acres for about $1 million.
Mike Hall of British Columbia is selling more than 340 cars and five acres for about $1 million.

Hall explains further details of his obsession with old cars on the website While traveling often in his job as a rock scaler, Hall finds cars he wants and buys them. The cars range from Dodges to Fords to Chevy Bel Air wagons as well as Jeep FC, an Edsel, Volvo PV and rows of vintage Mopars.

Some of the vehicles appear in poor shape, others from the 1960s and 1970s are likely solid daily drivers — or soon will be.

While Hall does sell some vehicles online, he told But he said he won’t live long enough to restore all of the cars in his collection. He estimates the vehicles are worth between $375 and $26,000 each.

Hall doesn’t know the exact extent of his collection, but it’s located in a car friendly area. The White Post Auto Museum (4439A Trans Canada Hwy., Tappen, British Columbia) is nearby.

Hall also admits to still buying more cars while he has his current collection for sale. It’s “like a sickness,” Hall said.

For more details on individually for sale or the real estate and car package for sale, visit the website:

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