Gas Mileage Averages Climb But New Rules Loom

Michael James

The Mitsubishi miev electric car is not well-known. But it has among the highest E-mag ratings.

It’s still a decade away, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and federal government a few years ago mandated a pending regulation. By 2025, new vehicles sold in the United States will be required to attain a combined 54.5 mpg.

The automotive industry is improving, with a few surprising improved gas mileage averages in performance-oriented cars. But there are also disappointing mpg results, particularly among expensive sedans and sports cars.

In one recent tally, the EPA reported new cars sold in 2013 averaged 24.1 mpg. That was more than 5 mpg more than new cars sold in 1995 averaged.

Consider some improved 2015 individual totals: The most efficient versions of the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger all get 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Tesla considers its Model S a performance car, and its electric change range is listed at 270 miles

Consider some of the disappointing totals: The Bentley Mulsanne and Ferrari FF both average only 13 mpg. A Bugatti Veyron averages only 10 mpg. Of course, Bentley, Bugatti and Ferrari are niche sellers. Combined, the three manufacturers sell less than 1,000 units a years in the United States.

The Mitsubishi miev electric car is not well-known. But it has among the highest E-mag ratings.
The Mitsubishi miev plug-in electric car is not well-known. But it has among the highest E gas mileage averages in the United States. Image © James Raia/2o13

Electric cars and gas-electric hybrids continue to be at the forefront of gas mileage efficiency

For 20016 models, the totals are more impressive. Here are best gas mileage averages for electric and hybrid vehicles:

Electric Vehicles

(EPA Combined City/Highway Rating)

Chevrolet Spark EV, 119
Volkswagen e-Golf, 116
Nissan Leaf (24 kW-hr battery pack), 114
Fiat 500 e, 112
Mitsubishi iMiEV, 112
Nissan Leaf (30 kW-hr battery pack), 112
Smart ForTwo EV Convertible, 107
Smart ForTwo EV Coupe, 107
Ford Focus Electric, 105
Kia Soul Electric, 105

Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

(EPA Combined City/Highway, Style, Rating)

BMW i3 Rex, 2014-2015, PHEV, 88
Chevrolet Volt, 2016, PHEV, 77
Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, 2012-2015, PHEV, 58
Toyota Prius Eco, 2016, H, 56
Cadillac ELR, 2014-2016, PHEV, 54
Honda Insight, 2000, H, 53
Toyota Prius, 2016, H, 52
Ford C-Max Energi, 2013-2016, PHEV, 51
Ford Fusion Energi, 2013-2016, PHEV, 51
Toyota Prius c, 2012-2016, H, 50

Article Last Updated: January 7, 2016.

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