President Obama smooth, Seinfeld sputters in Corvette

James Raia

President Barack Obama was the guest in the seaso opener Jerry Seinfeld's program, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." Image Courtesy of Crackle.

Congratulations to Jerry Seinfeld for cruising around the White House driveway with President Obama in a 1963 Corvette Stingray. It was the opening episode of the seventh season of the clever program “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” It only could have gone worse if the car didn’t start.

Like Seinfeld’s comedy act and his longstanding television program, the mini-series on the Crackle network is about nothing except if you like vintage cars, comedians, coffee and the relationship Seinfeld has with his comedian friends. It’s often brilliant, but it wasn’t this time.

President Obama may like Seinfeld, but he doesn’t appear to be the comedian’s friend. As a fan of both the President and Seinfeld, it was first time I’ve watched “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” and finished a 20-minute episode without further appreciation of the unique format.

Instead, I was disappointed in Seinfeld. The President was clever, funny and put up with the comedian when the spirit of the show and its often rapid-fire exchange of barbs turned stupid.

President Barack Obama was the guest in the seaso opener Jerry Seinfeld's program, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." Image Courtesy of Crackle.
President Obama was the guest in the season opener of Jerry Seinfeld’s program, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” Image Courtesy of Crackle.

Seinfeld chose some lowbrow topics. Like or dislike a president, to ask him about his choice of underwear brand is sophomoric.

President Obama Displays Sense of Humor

Further, at one point in the conversation when two men were drinking coffee, President Obama called Seinfeld a “aquazi-retired man of leisure” and asked the comedian if he’s still doing stand-up.

Seinfeld’s response: “Are you still giving speeches?”

Uncool, sir.

Seinfeld, of course, should be well aware of the President’s speeches, but how could expect Mr. Obama to know his comedy practices?

The President had a few sweet lines:

“I do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic,” Obama said. “They love me, partly because my ears are big, and so I look like a cartoon character. Little kids love saying my name, but it’s all one big name. Barackobama.”

During another topic of conversation, President Obama said:

“Anonymity is not something you think about as being valuable.”

Seinfeld’s response: “I remember very well not being famous. It wasn’t that great.”

For me, it’s was another Seinfeld blunder.

I look forward to the rest of the show’s seventh season when Seinfeld again exchanges comedy with his friends.

But in the season opener, there was only one comedian present, President Obama. Seinfeld’s ego was present, but not his sense of humor.


Article Last Updated: January 6, 2016.

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