Volkswagen camper set to make return as electric van?

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The Volkswagen camper, the iconic niche vehicle fancied by surfers, Grateful Dead fans and camping families, may soon be available in the United States after a decade hiatus.

Volkswagen has officially discounted the prevalent rumor of the return of the Westfalia Camper edition. But Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the head of production of VW has reportedly said the bus will be back in a surprising way — as an electric vehicle.

Neusser, as reported on the web site,, has that detailed the camper will have a small electronic motor to power the front wheels. The battery pack will be under the floor.

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The VW camper will include three design features reminiscent of the former bus: a wide, solid D-piller, the boxy center section and a short overhang.


The website We Are Surfers also reported he new vehicle would be available with both four- and five-cylinder engines, and will have an estimated MSRP of $25,000.

According to Neusser, Volkswagen is investing $10 million into the electric charging infrastructure.

The current VW camper is currently available in Europe and is called the Californian. It’s the sixth-generation of the VW T series van.

The California comes in three trim levels: base, Coast, and Ocean. The base model includes the pop top, window shades, and a removable picnic table and folding chairs. The Coast brings more of the camping experience, with a sink, stove, and built-in cooler.


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