How to find a reputable mechanic, auto repair shop

Michael James

Finding the right auto repair shop can be difficult.

No matter how well you take care of your vehicle with proper regular maintenance, it will eventually need to be repaired. A reputable mechanic is invaluable. But finding the right mechanic isn’t always easy.

But there are ways, particularly if you need a quick repair way to help find reputable mechanics and quality auto repair shops

Here are suggested guidelines:

1. Get Referrals From Friends

This method is easy. Nearly everyone has a car and has had it serviced. If they’ve had a good or bad experience, they’ll share. If doesn’t matter if you live in Piedmont, Calif., Pinehurst, N.C., or need to be steered toward a reputable mechanic who performs Pittsburgh Toyota care, friends and family are ideal resources.

Finding the right auto repair shop can be difficult.
Finding the right auto repair shop can be difficult.

Of course, friends will also likely remember a bad experience with a mechanic and recommend who not to go to for automotive repairs.

2. Search Online

The Internet can provide an assortment of reviews of local auto repair shops. Ideally, you want to read reviews written by someone who had a repair done by a mechanic. If the review is thorough it will explain in detail if the repair was done correctly, how long it took and how much the mechanic charged. This is an ideal way to determine list of reputable mechanics in your city.

3. Ask Auto Enthusiasts

If friends and the Internet are not able to give you a sufficient number of mechanic leads, how about asking someone at an auto show? Most communities have car shows on a regular basis, especially in the summer, and it’s where enthusiasts get together to show off their custom cars. Check out a local car show and chances are if you ask some of the car owners where they get their their autos repaired, you get some quality mechanic referrals.

Article Last Updated: June 8, 2015.

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  1. I work in the Auto industry dealing DVLA number plates and also find it tough to find the right mechanic. I had luck using Google+ communities finding that specialty mechanic. I never thought of it until you mentioned finding info at auto shows…Very smart.


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