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Toyota recall woes continue, this time Camry

Toyota’s decade-long recall crisis has surfaced again, this time involving 361,800 faulty Toyota Camry models in the global market.

According to the carmaker, the recall includes three defects primarily in Camry models in Europe and Japan and about 60 units in the United States made between March 2011 and August 2014.

Subject to the recalls are 170,000 Camrys to fix a faulty ball joint that could cause a loss of control of the vehicle. Europe accounts for the majority with about 120,000 vehicles, followed by 40,000 in Japan, Toyota detailed.

Another recall covers 105,800 Hiace, Regius Ace and Dyna models, mainly in Japan, to replace the fuel pipe. The third recall is for 86,000 Crown and Crown Majesta models in Japan to replace the outer seat belt assemblies.

The carmaker said it was unaware of any crashes, injuries or deaths from the three recalls.


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