Jim Carrey mocks Lincoln in SNL brilliance

James Raia

From its debut, the Lincoln MKC commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey driving slowly were an easy target. He speaks nearly inaudibly. He’s seriously contemplating life. And just what is McConaughey doing driving late at night, dressed well but with seemingly no place to go?

McConaughey has always been an easy target. He made movies for years while rarely wearing a shirt.There’s his often difficult to understand accent. There’s his overt enthusiasm and chiseled face. And there several lackluster performances in early career movies easy criticize.

But McConaughey is now a bonafide movie star with an Academy Award for best actor and several other recent strong films to his credit.But who better than Jim Carrey to poke fun at McConaughey’s demeanor and odd behavior in a brilliant series of bits on Saturday Night Live?
In the parodies, Carrey (impersonating McConaughey’s slow southern voice) ponders the important questions in life. One bit skit also has fun with Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert played by SNL veteran Kenan Thompson. And there are also two children riding in the backseat in one of the commercials, who question if “Dad is alright” and tell him “He’s driving only 5 mph.”
“That’s pretty good for a Lincoln,” replies Carrey, who also adds: “Whose kids are those?”
McConaughey has a two-year contract to promote Lincoln in commercials.
The Weekly Driver can only hope the Jim Carrey parodies continue.

Article Last Updated: October 27, 2014.

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