Elio Motors: 15,000 now believe, but will they build it?

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Lots of car buyers can’t wait for the three-wheel Elio Motors vehicle. And lots of detractors think the concept of a 84 mpg, 100 mph, 55-horsepower machine will never come to fruition.

But since the idea debuted about a year ago, Elio Motors has continued to market the $6,800 vehicle it expects to launch in 2015. And  it appears there are more believers willing to place reservation deposits than there are non-believers.

In early February, the website announced reservations had reached 10,000. Six weeks later, the reservation total approached 13,000. The number of reservations by mid-April was more than 15,000

Deposits from $100 to $1,000 are accepted with different levels of “bang for your buck” if and when the Elio Motors’ three-wheeler becomes available. Refundable and non-refundable options are available.

The Elio 3-wheeler will have a trailer hitch option.
The three-wheel Elio Motors’ vehicle has an optional travel trailer.

A non-refundable reservation provides customers with an additional discount worth 50 percent of the initial deposit (a $1,000 deposit would receive an additional $500 toward the price of a vehicle at the time of purchase).

Although refundable deposits can be made, more than 80 percent of customers have opted for the non-refundable reservation.

According to the manufacturer, the Elio is “engineered to achieve a 5-star crash test safety rating.”

Elio Motors describes the futuristic-looking vehicle as “perfect for individual commuters looking for an inexpensive and fuel-efficient mode of transportation, but who also yearn for a unique expression of their passion for driving.”

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