Tesla, Elon Musk get massive 60 Minutes recharge

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Elon Musk and his empire at Tesla Motors is not new to 60 Minutes. But each time the entrepreneur appears on the enduringly popular Sunday night news program — an old, new or updated segment — there’s something to discover.

The interview of Musk on March 30 by Steve Kroft covered familiar ground, the passion Musk has for his high speed, high-technology electric car and the passion for the SpaceX spaceship he hopes will be the first to take human passengers to Mars.

What was new, at least for me, was the interview with his mother and brother and Musk’s nearly carefree look back at the near collapse of his company.

The segment also briefly discussed Musk’s five sons and his first and now his new wife.

Elon Musk has appeared on 60 Minutes on several occasions touting his Tesla electric car.
Elon Musk has appeared on 60 Minutes on several occasions touting his Tesla electric car.

But three important current components of the Tesla empire weren’t discussed:

1. Although the network of Tesla charging stations was mentioned, the expansion and current status of the network wasn’t mentioned. Does anyone have an update?

2. Although Musk’s five sons were briefly filmed, the plan Musk has to drive a Tesla sedan across the United States this summer with his sons wasn’t discussed. Does anyone have an update?

3. Tesla doesn’t want to sell its vehicles in existing dealerships, which has been frowned  upon by various states. Different states have reacted different, some seem ambivalent about Musk’s ideas for selling his cars. It wasn’t discussed in the interview. Does anyone have an update?

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