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Ford Pinto? VW Thing? The All-Ugly Car Club

The Volkswagen Things is among the ugliest cars ever made

The Pontiac Aztek is often described as the ugliest car ever made. But who’s to argue the Volkswagen Thing isn’t equally as ugly? And then there’s the Ford Pinto.

They’re all notoriously unattractive cars. And because of their status, they’re also collectors’ cars.

The Volkswagen Things is among the ugliest cars ever made
Volkswagen Thing: It’s among club of the ugliest cars ever made

What other cars are in the the All-Ugly Collectors’ Car Club? How about several AMC models, like the Gremlin or Matador, or nearly an vintage Citroen. And not every Ford Mustang is all that attractive.

The All-Ugly Collectors’ Car Club is part of’s new Collection series on

It’s among 24 collections of different sub-sets of car and trunks  I’ve researched and commented. And they’re all for sale on

To read the text and view images from this collection, visit: All-Ugly Car Collectors’ Club.


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