Baboons frolic in Hyundai Elantra just for the fun of it

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Baboons likely don't know one car from another, but a dozen of the monkey seemed to have a good time recently when turned loose to frolic in a Hyundai i30 park in Britian's Knowsley Safari park.

Hyundai used the keen marketing approach to test the durability of the car known as the Hyundai Elantra wagon. The baboons acted liked . . .  baboons.

"At Hyundai, we believe in thinking differently, so we decided to give a new approach to this test of durability," said Felicity Wood, product manager at Hyundai i30.

Many of the monkeys chose to play in the trunk, and most of them dirtied the interior and scratched exterior paint.

"The fact that the car survived with only a few scrapes is testament to the quality with which the new Hyundai is built, said Wood. "The monkeys proved that cars a really designed ultra strong!'

A Hyundai spokesman said will be analyzed and some of the findings test will be used to improve future models.

Hyundai donated $1,600 to the Primate Society of Great Britain, an organization dedicated to the preservation and care of different species of primates.


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