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    The mpg for most drivers will be near 60 or more. My mpg is just over 60 mpg combined city/highway. Awesome car.

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    53 city, 46 hwy? Isn't that backwards?

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      That is not. Toyota hybrids employ HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) system which absorb and store energy from more frequent braking during city driving. The car is therefore using more energy from the battery and the gas engine need not turn ON constantly. Whereas during high speed highway cruising mpg is worsened by the gas engine engaging more often to help counter wind resistance and having less energy absorbed from regenerative braking.

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    I traded in my 2001 Honda Accord today and bought a Prius C. I couldn't be happier – I had been thinking of getting a pre-owned Prius but this one was exactly what I needed, and at the right price. The acceleration doesn't really bother me, it's a nice smooth ride, and easy to handle. I love the iPod jack and bluetooth too. In short, a wonderful car! I'm really happy with it.

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    I couldn’t be happier with the new Prius c. If you are thinking of getting one, then do it. It forces you to rethink how you drive. What it lacks in power it makes up with technology and fuel economy. Opt for a 3 or 4 having the better options. I know it’s not about looks, but I never could handle the look of the rest of the Prius family, this one I actually like.


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