VW, Darth Vader and determined St. Bernard star in Super Bowl commercial

James Raia

Even when Darth Vader, the usual go-to Volkswagen star for the carmaker’s Super Bowl commercials isn’t in his usual fictional villain prominence, he’s around. In one of VW’s spots for Super Bowl 46, it’s an overweight family pet dog that gets top billing.

The dog undertakes a human healh fitness routine — treadmill, swimming, a better diet — to lose weight. When the dog is fit, he can fit through his owner’s doggy door, and he can match the speed of new VW Beetle cruising down the street.

The dog’s name in Bolt. Darth Vader shows up in a bar at the end of the commercial to cause pain to a couple intergalactic patrons with strong opinions.


Article Last Updated: February 10, 2024.

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