Bugatti Veyron even impresses police in 225 mph deserts fun runs

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Shy of actually driving a Bugatti Veyron, a video of the exclusive car being driven at 225 mph is pretty impressive — even if the car is cruising along in handling mode.

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So it is with the 2009 video shot by an experience crew showcasing several views and angles in flyby footage. The video was made in conditions reported with 5 mph crosswind and a temperature of 62 degree farenheit.

The producers explain that the video was made just across the southern U.S. border. The car was kept in handling more and limited to 225 mph because it was being drivent on roads with uneven surfaces.

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But on return to Arizona, an law enforcement officer stopped the car, apparently just to observe it.

According the video text, no citations were given since the car was being driven at 80 mph when it was stopped.




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