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Volkswagen goes to the dogs in Stars Wars homage Super Bowl commerical

Volkswagen may have outdone itself. As if fathers and sons and Darth Vader and Star Wars weren't the perfect combination for one of the most popular Super Bowl commercials in history, how about dogs playing Star Wars characters and barking the famous movie's ominous theme song?

Last year, the "Mini Darth Vader" commercial was the outright favorite in the Super Bowl. It's generated more than 40 million page views on VW's YouTube channel.

This year, VW has produced a video for a video of its television commercial "The Bark Side." It will be broadcast in the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Feb 5.

The carmaker has replaced the child dressed like Darth Vader with several dogs in custom barking unmistakably the Star Wars theme song.

The video teaser had already attracted about 3.5 million page views.

The Weekly Driver predicts the full commercial, which will represent one of the nearly dozen automotive-related advertisers in the Super Bowl, will surpass the totals for last year's VW spot.

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