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Flying car makes roof landing, felon driver called Santa (video)

Many details are still unknown, but a flying car described as Santa's sleigh by some onlookers and as a miracle by other observers, landed on an apartment rooftop in Fresno, California, without incident or injury in the early morning hours on January 6.

According to witness accounts and a law enforcement officer's opinion on a Northern California television broadcast, the driver of the car likely took a corner at a high rate of speed.

Somehow, the vehicle was catapulted into the air and landed on the roof of the apartment building in a suburban neighborhood.

The driver of the car fled and suffered a broken leg when he jumped from the roof. He was apprehended by police and later identified as Benjamin Tucker.

Tucker, 25, already wanted for assault, had stolen his girlfriend's car and lost control on the residential corner.

"It could have been much worse, like 10 times worse," said one onlooker. "It was a miracle."

A towing company had to use a crane to get the car down.





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