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Tokyo Auto Show: Suzuki debuting wild concepts, ecocar

With a motto of "small cars for the big future," Suzuki will have unique presence at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, including its share of the auto industry's always interesting concept cars.

Suzuki says it cars for today, the near future, and the more distant future will be highlighted by fuel economy, user-friendliness, innovation and brisk performance.

Tokyo Auto Show: Suzuki debuting wild concepts, ecocar 1

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled Dec. 2-11 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

Th Suzuki presence will include: the Regina, Q-Concept, Swift EV-Hybrid and Swift  Sport.

Tokyo Auto Show: Suzuki debuting wild concepts, ecocar 2

According to Suzuki:

Regina is a next-generation global compact car with excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions thanks to lightness and superior aerodynamics. It’s as light as a minicar (730kg) thanks to a clear focus on minimizing weight, and it has a drag coefficient at least 10 percent lower than that of current models. As a result, it has fuel economy of at least 32km/L (measured in the JC08 test cycle) and CO2 emissions as low as 70g/km (measured in the New European Driving Cycle) using a petrol engine.

Tokyo Auto Show: Suzuki debuting wild concepts, ecocar 3

Q-concept is two-seat micro car positioned between conventional motorcycles and cars. With a 2.5-meter overall length and two seats in tandem configuration, it’s ideal for everyday journeys within a radius of about 10km.

Swift EV Hybrid is an ecocar good for those driving up t0 20 miles daily and who want to travel via battery ppwer — or farther using an engine-driven generator.

Swift Sport is based on the Swift but has a higher-powered engine, new transmissions (six-speed manual and continuously variable), and stiffer suspension.


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