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Tata Nano, 2012: World's cheapest car now luxury sub-compact

The Tata Nano has had a tumultuous four-year tenure. It was nicknamed the "World's Cheapest Car," soon after it debut in India. Its quality and reliability have been questioned, but it has also provided a lot transportation for commuters and families in India who otherwise wouldn't have a car.

Now, the Tata Nano is going luxury. The 2012 Tata Nano offers an increase in horsepower, more standard features and improved economy — 59.7 mpg.

The new Tata Nano features still has a .6-liter, rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive transmission. But it now has 50 horsepower, four horsepower more than the original. Torque has also increased from 35.4 ft-pounds to 37.0 ft-pounds. The improved mpg is more than four mpg better than the previous model.

Tata Nano, 2012: World's cheapest car now luxury sub-compact 1

And there are non-engine improvements, too. Seats now feature fabric, not vinyl, coverings. And the Tata Nano LX includes air conditioning, cup holder, central locking, front power windows, mirrors on both sides of the car, and door handles.

Of course, with all of its newfound luxury, the Tata Nano also has a new price.

When it debuted, the Nano cost between $2,000-$2,500 depending upon the exchange of the Indian currency, the Rupee. The price of the 2012 Tata Nano LX? $3,752.


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