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    Wonder what the top speed of this car is? It looks like a golf cart. Wonder if it would be legal on the roads in the U.S.?

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    A car this small with no sound, would be dangerous. Motorcycles have more protection with their noise factor. But, bikes are legal and are vulnerable. I’d like to think it would be great for around town trips to the store, but where would you put the groceries?

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    Having spend dozens of weekends at NASCAR and IndyCar tracks, I can assure you that the “Doppler effect” really does happen. In short, an oncoming vehicle’s sound isn’t nearly as loud as it is once your pass. Cops and ambulance drivers know most drivers really don’t hear their sirens in front of the vehicle either. Unless some buildings (or empty grandstands) are around to bounce the sound, that “loud pipes” thing is pretty bogus — and a dangerous belief.


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