Arnold Schwarzenegger's Ferrari 360 an eBay no-sale but still for sale at Sacramento Maserati dealership

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Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's 10-year Ferrari 360 didn't sell during its recent auction on eBay, but the pristine high-powered machine is still for sale.

According to Andrew Lyon of Sacramento Maserati, the 2002 vehicle formerly owned by the former Governor of California attracted some international attention, but there were no potential buyers on eBay from the United States.

The listing for the car on eBay ended Nov. 1.

Schwarzenegger had listed the Ferrari 360 Spider, via the dealership and eBay Motors for $92,450. The convertiable Ferrari features  a 3.6-liter, eight-cylinder, 400-horsepower and has silver exterior and black interior. The vehicle has been driven less than 13,000 miles.

In 2002, the list price for the car new was $161,475.

Lyon said two private clients are interested in the vehicle, now for sale via the Sacramento Maserati delearship. The list price has increased to $94,950.


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