National Enquirer: Danica Patrick quits after Dan Wheldon death

James Raia

National Enquirer: Danica Patrick quits after Dan Wheldon death 1The National Enquirer doesn't often report on sports unless, of course, it involves sex, drugs, rock & roll, or a tragedy is involved. So considering the source, the publication of scandal is reporting that Danica Patrick has quit auto racing.

Patrick is quitting (she recently ended her IndyCar racing career to compete full time on the NASCAR circuit), according to the publication, in the aftermath of the death of Dan Wheldon.

Wheldon died Oct. 16 in a 15-car crash during the early stages of the IndyCar race series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The Enquirer reports on its web site that Patrick told friends, "I will never race again."

Patrick, competing in her last IndyCar race, was in the field at the time of the Wheldon's crash.

The Enquirer quotes one of Patrick's friends saying:

"Danica is so emotionally distraught over Dan’s grisly death that she’s ready to quit the sport."

There have no other reports on Patrick's pending retirement.

On her official web site, Patrick is scheduled to compete in the final three Nationwide series events of the season. The next race is scheduled Nov. 5 in Texas.


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  1. Danica quiting is a ridiculous joke. By the way, she was in front of Wheldon’s crash. The first two cars that crashed were just to her right. And the other 13 were behind her.


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