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Audi A7, 2012: Stylish luxury sedan collecting praise (video)

The 2012 Audi A7 has received nearly universal praise for its slick exterior design, handsome, well-dsigned interior and superior performance.

The upscale sedan or sporting utility vehicle was selected as 2011 Car of the Year by Esquire Magazine and it's likely a front runner for similar honors in 2012 by niche automobile publications and car websites.

Here's what a few car reviewers are commenting about the 2012 Audi A7:

"Delightful — that sums up the A7 in a word. It has a cabin that’s the epitome of sophisticated comfort and the sort of ride demanded of a large, luxurious car. However, head out of town, ramp up the tone of the drive and look out — it carves a corner in a remarkably proficient manner." —- Graeme Fletcher, National Post.

"What looks like a luxury coupe, is as versatile as a mid-size wagon or crossover, and has the handling and performance of a sports sedan? An Audi A7." —- Carey Russ,

"As with all of its offerings, Audi expends a great deal of effort on elegant interior design, and the A7 is no exception. The surroundings consist of crafted wood, plush leather and soft-touch surfaces that equate with modern visions of automotive hedonism." —- Frank Aukofer, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Videographer Bruce Aldrich filmed and edited the video below with narration by James Raia, publisher of

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