James Bond and his cars: Aston Martin to Turbo Espirit

James Raia

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen have plenty of inspiring car movie scenes. But neither has anything on the actors who played James Bond the cars the characters drove — Aston Martin to the Lotus Turbo Espirit.

In one website description, the TurboEsprit is described:

“As it took every single teenage and pre-pubescent boy’s inspiration and gave it a good shake. It spawned school-ground talk, made young men believe underwater driving was possible and let a new generation discover just how good the Bond films were.”James Bond and his cars: Aston Martin to Turbo Espirit 1

But it was Sean Connery, the original James Bond in film, who started the coolness — weaponry, inventions, smoothness with women — and he drove a 1964 Aston Martin D85

One auto web site wrote of the Aston Martin:

“The DB5 just exuded cool. It took Aston Martin into a whole new era of ice cold GT cars made for tuxedo-wearing, cigar-smoking, womanizing rich 30-somethings who knew what they wanted and how to get it.”

The automotive site AutoBlog.com has an extensive piece in the history of James Bond cars. Visit: James Bond Cars.

Article Last Updated: August 30, 2011.

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