Volkswagen XL1 futuristic concept gets 260 mpg

James Raia

The Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) concept, unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show, features pioneering construction techniques, an advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain and innovative packaging. The result is an estimated 260 mpg, a benchmark for vehicle efficiency.

Powering the XL1 is a compact 800cc TDI two-cylinder common rail diesel engine developing 47 hp. It’s linked to an electric motor producing 27 horsepower, resulting in a total of 74 horsepower. It’s a modest output, but more than sufficient considering car weighs only 1,753 pounds.Volkswagen XL1 futuristic concept gets 260 mpg 1

The TDI engine is linked to an electric motor and a seven-speed DSG gearbox with an automatic clutch mounted between each unit. The electric motor can either work independently of the TDI engine or in tandem when accelerating.

In pure electric mode the XL1 can travel up to 20 miles before the diesel engine engages. Acceleration from 0-60 mph occurs 11.5 seconds, while top speed is 99 mph.Volkswagen XL1 futuristic concept gets 260 mpg 2

The XL1 is an extension previous VW concepts — the 1-Litre car (2002) and the L1 concept (2009). The XL1 features staggered driver and front passenger in a strong but lightweight structure made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) parts on the car called the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process and weighing only 507 pounds.Volkswagen XL1 futuristic concept gets 260 mpg 3

The XL1 styling features scissor doors that hinge on the A-pillar and with a profile honed in a wind tunnel, the result a coefficient of drag figure of 0.186.

The XL1’s overall length and width are similar to the VW Polo, while its height is similar to Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Volkswagen predicts production of the XL1 by 2013.


Article Last Updated: August 22, 2021.

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  1. Cool looks of a race car with the power of a golfcart. Scotty can ya give me a little more power? I don't need a warp drive, but more than impulse power is what I'm talkin.


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