Top Gear hits top speed on 60 Minutes

James Raia

The segment was called “Top Gear: Zero to 60 Minutes.” It was a clever title for the 60 Minutes piece on one of the world’s most popular television programs. But as it does with other segments, the longstanding Sunday evening news show allows Internet visitors to view of the story on 60 Minutes Overtime.

In the Top Gear overtime segment, CBS enticingly introduced the extended version.

“Overtime goes over the top with the blokes behind the British car-show sensation ‘Top Gear.’ All the conversations, crashes, and humor that didn’t make the “60 Minutes” broadcast.”

The video didn’t disappoint, and it’s only available on

In the television broadcast, interviewer Steve Kroft takes a track ride with the show’s silent star, “The Stig” and he interviews the show’s three hosts.

Kroft explains:

“What’s “Top Gear”? The simple answer is that it’s a British car show on the BBC that’s watched by 350 million viewers in more than 170 countries every week but is unknown to most of America.

But ‘Top Gear’ is not really about cars. It’s about the adventures of its three clever hosts who travel the world conducting elaborate automotive experiments and competitions that push the boundaries of television. It’s part reality show, part Monty Python.”

To watch the CBS Overtime video, visit: Top Gear: Zero To 60 Minutes

Article Last Updated: September 5, 2013.

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