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    Why can't we get some of the other diesel vehicles to cross the pond? It seems that diesel is working for the Europeans, why not for us in the US?

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    No Tokyo Joe

    Come on, guys. The Prius has a lot going for it along with other Toyota vehicles. What other make has a built-in no extra charge "crash test" when the "pedal sticks to the metal" or floor mats get stuck?

    You can go "Bonzai" everyday. "You Ask For It, You Got It, Toyota". You, too, can be a "Kamakazi" pilot!

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    VW now has a mid-sized truck, the Amorak, but it will not be available in the U.S. It will however be available in just about everywhere else in the world. I’m no insider, but I think it’s because they could take a chunk out of current truck sales in the US. That and VW apparently says they would be charged extra tax on top of what it already pays for its cars to be imported to the country. I have 2010 VW JSW TDI and it’s exceeded everything I thought it could do.

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    The Jetta Sport-Wagen gives you a good feel. Its upscale design and the strong powerful turbocharged engine has a lot of customer appeal. It’s in small car lineup segment.


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