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Electric Sports Car, Tesla, Makes Los Angeles Debut

Electric Sports Car, Tesla, Makes Los Angeles Debut 1The Tesla Roadster, the long-awaited electric sports car powered by a lithium-ion battery and possessing a more than $100,000 price tag, is now available for the first time in a Westwood, Calif., dealership.


According to an Associated Press report, the Tesla can travel 225 miles on one charge and fully recharge in 3 1/2 hours.

The car was developed in San Carlos, Calif., with venture capital of more than $40 million. Google Inc. founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were among the initial investors.

A distribution for San Carlos as well as in Chicago, New York and other cities by early next year.

Although a fully loaded model can cost $124,000, the Tesla’s 6,831-cell lithium-ion battery pack gives off no emissions.Electric Sports Car, Tesla, Makes Los Angeles Debut 2

The Tesla accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in slightly less than four seconds and it has a top speed of 125 mph.

According to the Associated Press:

* Tesla officials report most people should be able to drive it to work and back and recharge the vehicle at night like a cell phone.

* Driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, however, would require stopping and plugging its adapter cord into a motel room wall socket.

* Tesla officials report the car has passed all required safety tests, and that the battery should last for about 100,000 miles of driving.

The company, formed in 2003, is named for inventor Nikola Tesla, a pioneer in the field of electricity.

According to Tesla officials,  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, actors George Clooney and Kelsey Grammar and musicians and Flea have ordered Roadsters.

Tesla began taking orders last year for the 600 Roadsters it plans to produce in 2008. All of the vehicles were sold by last October. The first group of Teslas were completed and distributed in March. Orders are being taken for 2009 models, with production of about 1,500 cars planned.


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