Ferrari Sees (More) Red In ’07 — And It’s All Good

James Raia

It would be a disastrous year for almost any other auto manufacturer. But selling 6,400 cars in a year is huge — at least for Ferrari. The Italian manufacturer announced this week that its sales total for 2007 represented a 14 percent increase from 2006.

According to ANSA, the Italian News Agency, the company’s greatest success of the year came with the car maker’s announcement of its new prototype, the F430 Spider.

Ferrari currently has  more than 1,850 orders for its Scuderia model, including 500 orders in the United States. The manufacturer also currently has orders for 430 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano models.

The sales of the luxury car maker in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East jumped by 50 percent and 32 percent, respectively in 2007. Ferrari sold 177 cars in China.

Sales in North, Central and South America increased eight percent to 1,851 cars. The sales in the United States totaled 1,700 units, up 4.3 percent.

Ferrari sold 61 cars in Canada, while the combined sales in Central and South America were 90 cars.

The Italian luxury car maker has 32 outlets in the United States, four in Canada and nine in South America.

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