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CarMax Makes Fortune Magazine's Top-100 List, But Only Employees Really Know

CarMax Makes Fortune Magazine's Top-100 List, But Only Employees Really Know 1There’s a television commercial from a few years ago, a recruiting spot for the U.S. Army. It features a young soldier in training, jumping into a fox hole with a smile on his face and all the exuberance of the proverbial “kid in a candy store.”

The recruit, face painted, a full pack strapped to his back and rifle in hand, shouts out, “Good morning, first sergeant.”

I’ve never been in the military, but from the stories I’ve heard from friends who served, it’s not quite what the commercial represents.

Which brings me to the announcement this week of Fortune Magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies To Work For.”

Only the employees of the companies know for sure. But in terms of the automotive industry, the Fortune list may provide an insight into part of the problem for the workforce employed by auto working manufacturers and their affiliated companies.

Only one automotive industry company, CarMax, made the list — at No. 46.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, CarMax is the country’s largest used-car dealer. It has a “no-haggle” policy and is often cited for its forwarding thinking. It has onsite nurses, for example, at 11 locations.

CarMax,, was described by Fortune as “having a diverse staff” and “A friendly place to work.”

The selection of CarMax, though, prompts one question: What must General Motors, Chrysler, etc., be thinking?


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