2014 Ford F-150: lighter, better mpg for country's top-selling vehicle

The Ford F-150 pickup, perennially the largest-selling vehicle in the United States, will weigh about 700 pounds less beginning with 2014 models to drastically improve the truck’s fuel efficiency.

1950 Ford F3

Details of the new F-150 are sketchy, but a recent report in the Wall Street Journal details the truck body will largely be constructed of aluminum not its current steel construction.

As a result, the F-150 will weigh about 15 percent less and will further accelerate the F-150 toward to the average 54.5 mpg gallon by 2025 mandate approved by the Obama Administration.

1965 Ford F-100

The weight reduction will increase the F-150′s miles per gallon fuel efficiency to meet 2020 fuel efficiency standards — a 25 percent mpg increase. According to Ford’s website, the most fuel efficient 2012 F-150 model gets 17 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

In order to compensate for the change in material, the F-150 will also have a more “muscular design,” according to a Ford designer quoted anonymously in the same newspaper.”

The 12th and current generation of the F-150 debuted in 2009. The truck debut in 1948 and has been sold continuously since.

2009 Ford F-150

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