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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with S Appearance Package.

Ray Elliott Commentary: Never buy a Chrysler product

Oh My God. Never buy a Chrysler product. My reasoning? It’s a dangerous product that not only thinks for you, but ...

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A crash captured by tow truck driver Ray Elliott, publisher of

Opinion: Driving is a privilege; it’s not your right

Driving in the State of California is not a right; it is a privilege, revocable at any time. Operating a motor ...

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Knowing the best tow truck company in your area is important.

A Guide to Choosing A Tow Truck Company In Your Area

SPONSORED CONTENT Drivers share a fear of mechanical issues wreaking havoc with our vehicles. Whether you’re on the freeway home after ...

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The Move Over Law protects towing company drivers and other emergency responders.

How the Move Over Law protects towing drivers

Roadside accidents are tragic. In a brief moment, individuals may be permanently injured or killed. Rules of safe driving are designed ...

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Good customer service is essential in the tow truck industry.

Customer Service vital for success in towing industry

Customer service is an essential part of any public-oriented profession. After all, every business needs clients. Keeping your clientele satisfied, including ...

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