A Guide to Choosing A Tow Truck Company In Your Area

Michael James

Knowing the best tow truck company in your area is important.


Drivers share a fear of mechanical issues wreaking havoc with our vehicles. Whether you’re on the freeway home after a long day at work, preparing to take the kids to school, or simply letting your car warm up on a crisp winter morning, having engine problems is a pain.

It happened to me recently. Eight endless hours spent at the office in front of my computer, and the half-hour drive back home was doubled because of a simple, unexpected issue.


Knowing the best tow truck company in your area is important.
Knowing the best tow truck company in your area is important.

There’s no need to go into specifics. But without the humor and speedy work of the tow truck driver who came to my rescue, I’d have become a ranting, raving wreck, growling at cars as they sped past.

Finding a reliable, well-performing tow truck firm close to you can seem tricky, but it’s easier than ever today. Why? The internet.

Having other drivers’ knowledge and a world of firms at your fingertips takes time and effort out of the process. So, how do you choose tow truck companies near you?

Check Reviews

Thanks to the global communication offered by the internet, you can find reviews on almost any business under the sun. Whether you’re using a service dedicated to reviews or just chatting with friends via social media, you can find out what fellow drivers thought of local towing firms in a matter of minutes.

Check Yelp, Google Reviews, and any other review website you can find for information on the tow truck businesses in your area. Prepare yourself for the odd poor review, too – even the best companies are prone to negative feedback. Rival businesses sometimes post negative reviews. Consider the majority of reviews, positive or negative, to help make your decision.

Examine The Company’s Credentials

Be sure to study your local towing firms’ credentials, including their licensing and training. Any reliable, reputable towing company will state they carry a license and are bonded. They should also inform if they’re insurance-approved or not.

In some circumstances, this information may not be available on the company’s website. It could be that their site is still under development, or that they’re not as tech-savvy as they perhaps should be. If the firm seems trustworthy in every other way, considering calling the company and ask about their credentials. They’ll should be willing to provide them.

Compare Costs

Depending on a business’s website and character, it may or may not display its prices online. Ideally, the company will present a fixed tariff of charges for different services, though you may have to contact them to get a breakdown of costs.

Be wary of any towing business that’s reluctant to name prices, or implies they’ll basically ‘play it how it lays’ when they arrive on the scene.

However you get this information, try all of the companies in your area, and weigh the prices against each other. Keep companies’ other pros and cons in mind too. Don’t base your decision solely on price.

Open 24 Hours?

Look for a tow truck company that offers 24-hour service. This is becoming popular and is vital. You never know when your engine may pack in or your tires need changing. Your vehicle won’t wait to play up between office hours, will it?

Emergency Towing San Jose spoke to us about the importance of an around-the-clock towing service: “Every towing firm should be caring for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week in this day and age. We advise drivers to always check what hours their local firms keep, for your own reassurance in any emergency!”

Spending time exploring your towing options is vital to make sure you end up with the best firm for your needs, budget and vehicle.


Article Last Updated: May 18, 2017.

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  1. A friend of mine was telling me that he might need to find a tow company before he takes his car out on a drive, and we were curious about how you would find the right one. It makes sense that you say to make sure that you are looking online and seeing what feedback the company received. It would be nice to know that you will be able to get someone that is well known for good service.

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