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Five ugly cars easy to like or collect

The BMW X6 is a new addition to the all-time list of ugly cars.

One of the most entertaining car displays in the nearly yearlong packed calendar of auto shows is the Concours d’LeMons. It’s been held in August the past six years in conjunction with the diverse auto week celebration on the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. It’s also home to arguably the country’s most lofty auto show, the Pebble …

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Pontiac Aztek: Reviled, revered, cult classic

The Pontiac Aztek is often cited as the worst car in history. Its owners disagree.

The Pontiac Aztek is likely the most maligned car in modern history. Like the Ford Pinto, Chevrolet Vega and Yugo it has been described as the ugliest car ever built and the worst car ever made. Sometimes, the criticism cut deep. One reviewer said of the Aztek, said: “The styling of the car is its …

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Breaking Bad honors Pontiac Aztek as worst car ever

2002 Pontiac Aztek: Worst Car in history.

Best and worst cars lists are always subjective. More often than not the Pontiac Aztek tops the worst car list. And the Jaguar XKE is often listed at the top of the best car list. In one of the most recent worst lists, the Aztek was again at the top (bottom?) of the list, but …

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Pontiac Aztek, Ford Mustang (?) named to new worst all-time car list

When discussing automobiles, it’s hard to imagine a Ford Mustang and a Pontiac Aztek mentioned in the same sentence. It’s even more difficult to imagine the two vehicles on a top-10 list of the worst cars in history. But that’s the fun of car lists. The Pontiac Aztek, specifically the 2001 model, graces many bad …

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