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Adam Levine singing Fake Maserati Blues, sues dealer

Adam Levine, lead vocalist for pop music group Maroon 5, purchased a $1 Million, one-of-25 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 Spyder in exchange for ...

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Rare Ferrari sets 2nd sales mark, $3.08 million

Is there any more lucrative manufacturer in the vintage car market than Ferrari? Doesn't it seem like it's almost always collectors' top choice?

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Mecum Auctions: Everyman’s show in Classic Car Week

Ask John Kraman a question about automobile auctions, vintage cars, industry trends or automotive history and answers come fast and furious. ...

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A 1996 Hummer once owned by rapper Tupac Skakur is being auctioned.

Tupac Skakur’s tricked out Hummer for sale — again

More than two decades after his murder in Las Vegas, the legend of Tupac Shakur remains in the spotlight. This time, ...

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A 1925 Bugatti has just sold for a record price in a Paris auction.

Bugatti barn find in France sells for record $951,216

A 1925 Bugatti Brescia, which remained covered in a small French barn for 40 years, has just sold for a record ...

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A 1957 Chevy Hot Rod is among 14 rare cars set for an online auction.

Buy a classic car, truck, motorcycle at auction for $25

There’s one day left to buy one or more of 14 classic cars, trucks and a motorcycle for as little as ...

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One of two Cords available in the pending auction of nearly 250 cars and truck in Oklahoma.

Rare vintage cars to rust buckets set for Oklahoma auction

Another stash of vintage cars and trucks, some left untouched for more than 50 years, will go on sale via auction ...

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How about a Barn Find 1969 Mustang Cobra in pristine shape?

Rare Barn Find Ford Mustang Shelby Set For Auction

Barn finds in the automotive world are still out there. The latest discovery is a varied collection of cars and trucks ...

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500 rare Chevrolets in Nebraska redefine barn finds for auction

About 500 Chevrolet cars and trucks, untouched for decades and some with fewer than 20 miles on their odometers, will go ...

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One of the silkscreen series of cars created by Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol famed Mercedes Benz silkscreen for $16 million?

A famous silkscreen of a Mercedes Benz, made by And Warhol in 1986, is expected to sell for as much as ...

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The rare 1964 Facel coupe once owned by Ringo Starr.

Baby, you can drive (and own) Ringo Starr’s Facel coupe

Baby, you can drive (and own) his car. A rare 1964 Facel Vega Facel II owned by Ringo Starr will be ...

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A new, weather-beaten 1979 Chevy Impala is part of the Nebraska car auction.

Online bidding open for Nebraska barn find car auction

The live bidding for the Lambrecht Chevrolet Company Auction, the collection of approximately 500 “barn finds” from the long-tenured dealership in ...

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Rare GM Futurliner bus set for Indiana auction in May

A unrestored Futurliner bus from General Motors “Parade of Progress” of the 1940s and ‘50s is among the early consignments for ...

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Controversial JFK death ambulance auctioned for $132,000

Nearly 47 years after his death, controversial still surrounds the shooting of President John F. Kennedy — even the sale of ...

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Ferrari tops list of most expensive car auction buys in 2010

The most coveted vintage cars sold at auction in 2010 didn’t command the sky-high, record-setting prices of last year. But there ...

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