Best mpg cars

The 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in models are lowered priced.

Toyota Prius honored as best value in auto industry

The Toyota Prius has been named the best value in the automotive industry for 2013. The top-selling hybrid costs owners only ...

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Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion lead best mpg list for 2013 family sedans

Midsize family sedans comprise a huge chunk purchases amongnew car buyers, and gas mileage is a top priority whether consumers are ...

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The Mitsubishi miev electric car is not well-known. But it has among the highest E-mag ratings.

Gas Mileage Averages Climb But New Rules Loom

It’s still a decade away, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and federal government a few years ago mandated a pending ...

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The 2014 Tesla is the most fuel-efficient car in the U.S. priced at more than $50,000.

Tesla, Toyota Prius among most fuel-thrifty 2014 cars

It’s easy to list the most fuel-efficient cars and truck simply by miles per gallon. But listing the most fuel-sipping vehicles ...

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Chevy Volt, Honda Insight top best gas mileage cars in past quarter century

With gas, hybrid, electric and now natural gas vehicles now all vying for better gas mileages averages and the marketing fuel ...

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