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2016 Honda Civic: Driving the Tour of Utah efficiently fast

The 2016 Honda Civic has a sleek news exterior style.

The Nevada and Utah highway systems are efficient and often afford long stretches of open range roads. Some sections in Utah have posted speed limits of 80 mph. And like in Nevada’s desert, only a few small cities interrupt the rolling hills, sage brush and often jagged and rust-colored rock formations After driving 455 miles …

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2016 Honda Civic Touring: Hot desert, high speed, long haul


A long-distance haul into the desert is unlike any other driving experience, and it’s an ideal way to test a new vehicle. Yesterday, I completed a 647-mile, two-day trek from Sacramento, California, to Cedar City, Utah in a 2016 Honda Civic Touring edition. The trek was to attend the weeklong Tour of Utah bicycle race, …

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2016 Honda Civic: sales jump for new sporty icon

The 2016 Honda Civic is wider and longer and has an extended wheelbase.

It’s no surprise when pickup trucks sell well, but joining the perennially top-selling vehicle for honors in the first half of the year is the 2016 Honda Civic. The 10th generation of the compact is well on its way to 200,000 units sold this year and has achieved a 10.7 percent increase in sales from …

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2016 Honda Civic: Is new model best car on the road?


Now in its mid-40s, the Honda Civic remains one of most popular vehicles in the automobile industry. For 2016, the Civic has been redesigned inside and outside and is available as a coupe or sedan and in 10 trims, five in each model. The redesign further moves the Civic away from its once stodgy reputation …

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