Bruce Aldrich

VinFast VF8 SUV arrives in US from South Vietnam

A dual-motor, all-electric, all-wheel-drive drivetrain powers the VinFast VF8, a new midsize sport utility vehicle that combines performance and efficiency. The ...

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Commentary: Can fuel cell vehicles thrive?

I recently attended a gathering for alternative fuel vehicles, hosted by Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition (SCCC). The SCCC is part of ...

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Review: Thinkware Dash Cam is vital car technology

It’s time to get a dash camera. Thinkware makes good ones. I had a chance to use a Thinkware Dash Camera ...

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Get a grip this winter on slippery roads

Don’t be the driver who spins out, gets stuck in a snow bank, or just stays home because of bad weather. ...

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Winter driving conditions demand specific tires

The added traction of a specialized winter tire is amazing. If you drive in snow and ice, you need winter tires. ...

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